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When a dead animal is autopsied during the period of infection with larvae, small vesicles can be found in the subcutaneous tissue, in which larvae can be detected from 1 to 5 mm in length.

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In those places where the migration of the larvae took place, we find dirty green stripes.

The diagnosis is established on the basis of visual examination and palpation of the skin of the animal at the time of the approach of the 2-3 stage larvae to the skin of the back and other parts of the body. Upon careful examination of the skin in these places, you can see a tubercle with a hole, and later a nodule with a fistulous tract leading to the connective tissue sac in which the gadfly larva is located. Clinical examination of animals for subcutaneous gadfly is carried out by veterinarians in the southern regions of the country at the end of December, in the central and northern regions, examination for subcutaneous gadfly begins at the end of February.

When the larvae damage the subcutaneous gadfly of the esophagus, the affected areas of the esophagus are hemorrhagic and edematous. In the spinal canal, in places of accumulation of larvae, we find hemorrhages. On the skin, in the subcutaneous tissue, we find clearly visible fistulous capsules; in the same places, serous or serous-hemorrhagic inflammation of the muscles is visible, sometimes covering large areas of the back. Early diagnosis of hypodermatosis can be carried out as early as October-November using an indirect hemagglutination reaction using diagnosticums from hypoderm larvae with blood serum of cattle affected by subcutaneous gadfly.

When carrying out restrictive measures is prohibited.

  • Epizootological control of well-being in hypodermatosis.
  • Epizootic control over the well-being of cattle for hypodermatosis is carried out by veterinary specialists of organizations - owners of animals and the state veterinary service.
  • The affection of animals by the larvae of the subcutaneous gadfly is determined by the presence of larval capsules (nodules) in the back region, detected by examination and clinical palpation examination.
  • Cattle in all categories of farms, including those in the personal use of citizens, are subject to annual control for infestation with subcutaneous gadflies.
  • Each animal is examined once during the approach of the maximum number of larvae to the skin of the back, before they start to fall out for pupation.
  • Farms, settlements and administrative territories (districts, regions, territories, republics) are considered safe for hypodermatosis, in which during routine diagnostic studies, as well as during the slaughter of animals at meat processing plants and slaughterhouses, animals affected by larvae of the subcutaneous gadfly are not detected.


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Veterinary measures to combat subcutaneous gadflies, aimed at preventing and improving cattle from hypodermatosis, are carried out annually within the time limits stipulated by the Rules, targeted programs, or plans for anti-epizootic measures approved by the heads (or their deputies) of the veterinary services of the constituent entities of the USn Federation.

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Planning and implementation of measures against hypodermatosis is carried out by the veterinary services of the constituent entities of the USn Federation, stations for the fight against animal diseases, heads and veterinary specialists of organizations - owners of animals, local governments of municipalities. Veterinary activities include.